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Prepare for Employment

Once you have developed your Individualized Plan for Employment with the help of your Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Specialist and you have both signed it, it is time to implement your plan and receive services that will help you prepare for employment.

Key Questions

  • What skill sets do you need to develop to achieve your employment goal?
  • Are there career preparation activities available at your school or in the community (workshops, trainings, etc.) that could help you further refine your skills?
  • Do you need any additional support to achieve your employment goal?

Your Choices

It is up to you to participate when you receive services. Follow-up with your VR Specialist to let him/her know if something is not working or if you need additional help.


A Receive Services

B) Participate in Career Preparation Activities Available at Your School and in Your Community

C) Follow-up with Your VR Specialist Regularly to Review Your Progress

Types of Services

The specific support services you receive are individualized and based upon what you need to achieve your career goals. Examples:

  • Career counseling and guidance
  • Assistive technology devices
  • Transportation allowances
  • Accommodations needed to access trainings
  • Work-related training and education

RSA may provide services while you are still enrolled in high school, if it is a service that is not provided by the school but will assist you in reaching an employment goal. These types of services would take place after school hours.

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