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Develop Your Plan

After you have explored your skills, interests, abilities, and career options, it is time to develop your Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) with your Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Specialist. This plan is unique to you and details your employment goal, what you need to reach your goal, and the services you will receive from RSA. Your IPE will be developed within 90 days of eligibility.

Key Questions

  • What is your employment goal?
  • What skills are needed for your desired job? Do you need to go to college, a vocational training program, resumé building workshop, or an internship to build these skills?
  • What types of services, including assistive technology, can help you? Who provides and pays for these services?
  • What is your timeline for achieving your employment goal and how will you measure your progress?

Your Choices

You and your VR Specialist will work together to answer these questions and write your IPE. Your VR Specialist will provide you with all the options that align with your skill-set so that you are able to make an informed choice about what you want. Decisions must be mutually agreed upon by both you and your VR Specialist.


A) Write Your IPE

B) Complete a Financial Needs Assessment

C) Sign Your IPE

D) Participate in Follow-up Meetings with Your VR Specialist to Review Your IPE

Note: You can modify your IPE at any point in the process as long as the changes are mutually agreed upon by you and your VR Specialist.

Post-Secondary Education as a Services

If you and your VR Specialists mutually decide that your employment goal will require you to attend a college or university to achieve that goal:

My job is to support you and look at all your interests and desires, and help cultivate a realistic and fulfilling career path in which you will succeed.”

Jessica Okanlawon
DDS RSA Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist

Cost of Services

You will need to complete a Financial Needs Assessment to determine your individual contribution. Depending on your ability to pay, you may have to participate in the cost of some services or equipment.

You will need to identify any comparable benefits. This means you are required to access services that are publicly available or available through your health insurance first. (For example, Medicaid, health insurance, FAFSA, Pell Grant, VA Benefits, etc.)

After your individual contribution and comparable benefits, RSA will assist with the remaining costs of services if they are necessary to help you reach the employment goal outlined in your IPE.

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