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DDS Developmental Disability Administration

The Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) within the Department on Disability Services is responsible for the oversight and coordination of all services and supports provided to qualified persons with intellectual disabilities in the District of Columbia to lead self-determined and valued lives in the community.

Office of State Superintendent of Education Division of Specialized Education

The Division of Specialized Education's mission is to ensure that all District of Columbia children and youth with developmental delays and disabilities can access high quality services and a free appropriate public education. The Division is committed to excellence, joint accountability, reflective practice, and continuous improvement.

OSSE's Division of Specialized Education (DSE) is responsible for overseeing the development and promulgation of state policy governing special education; monitoring LEAs for compliance with IDEA as well as other federal and local regulations and court-ordered consent decrees; allocation and administration of IDEA grant funds to LEAs and other public agencies; provision of training and technical assistance to LEAs; and investigation and resolution of state complaints relating to special education. OSSE also administers the District's due process hearing system, through the Student Hearing Office (SHO), in a reporting line separate from the DSE.

District of Columbia Secondary Transition: Planning for Postsecondary Success

The OSSE Secondary Transition website was designed to assist educators, families, and students in addressing the needs of students with disabilities who are preparing to transition from high school to postsecondary employment, education/training, and independent living. Visit this website often to discover resources, tools, and information on best practices and upcoming transition-related events.

District of Columbia Office of Specialized Instruction

Serves students requiring additional supports by providing high-quality instruction and services as close to home as possible and in the timely and consistent manner they deserve.

DCPS Transition Central

DCPS Transition Central is a tool for DCPS staff to access and provide information. DCPS encourages all transition related staff to subscribe to Transition Central by clicking subscribe in the upper right hand corner on the website. Once you have subscribed you will receive all updates automatically. DCPS also encourages staff to comment on all Transition Central pages.

Department of Behavioral Health

The Department of Behavioral Health provides prevention, intervention and treatment services and supports for children, youth and adults with mental and/or substance use disorders including emergency psychiatric care and community-based outpatient and residential services.

Public Charter School Board

The Board's mission is to provide quality public school options for DC students, families, and communities through: A comprehensive application review process; Effective oversight; Meaningful support; and Active engagement of its stakeholders.

The Board's vision is to lead the transformation of public education in DC, and serve as a national role model for charter school authorizing and accountability.

DC Partners in Transition

DC Partners in Transition is a group of DC stakeholders who are committed to improving the ability of DC youth with special needs and disabilities to successfully transition into education, employment, and independence. We are students, young adults, teachers, community organizations, government representatives, employers, parents, and more. We first came together for Moving Forward Together: Transition Stakeholder Forum in June 2009. We are committed to meeting on a regular basis to share information, build partnerships, and advocate for improvements. Everyone is welcome to join us.

SchoolTalk Inc.

SchoolTalk is a DC-based non-profit organization that brings special education dispute prevention and early dispute resolution programs to DC schools. We work with school personnel and the parents or guardians of special education students to help ensure that everyone works collaboratively toward the goal of securing Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) for students with disabilities.

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