Youth in Transition Toolkit
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Open Your Case
with DDS RSA
Do you want to work?
Do you have a disability that impacts your ability to work?
How does your disability impact your everyday tasks at school and at home?
Do you have all of your required documents or do you need help getting them?
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Explore What
You Want To Be
Do you want to work?
What are your interests, skills, and abilities?
What types of jobs interest you?
Do these jobs match your skills?
Are these jobs available in the place where you plan to live?
How will your desired job impact your benefits?
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Your Plan
What is your employment goal?
What skills are needed for your desired job? Do you need to go to college, a vocational training program, resumé building workshop, or an internship to build these skills?
What types of services, including assistive technology, can help you? Who provides and pays for these services?
What is your timeline for achieving your employment goal and how will you measure your progress?
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Prepare for
What skill sets do you need to develop to achieve your employment goal?
Are there career preparation activities available at your school or in the community (workshops, trainings, etc.) that could help you further refine your skills?
Do you need any additional support to achieve your employment goal?
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Search for Jobs
& Get Hired
Do you know how to use the resources available in your community to find and apply for jobs?
Do you need help from Job Placement staff at RSA?
Is your job consistent with what is in your Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE)?
Are you satisfied with your job?
Do you need additional help with anything to perform your job?
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